Below you will find a few pointers and tips for your upcoming stay in the hut.

Reservation and Cancellation

  1. Reservation, the best way is through our online reservation system or just gife us a call: + 41 853 11 40.
  2. Online Reservation Nothing easier than this! Choose the date in the calendar and step by step you will be guided through the reservation. There is a login with the SAC member number or a password is set up. Please save the confirmation email or write down the access data. It is used for later adjustments or cancellation of the reservation.
  3. Vegetarian dinner? We are happy to offer an alternative to meat dishes upon prior reservation.
  4. special wishes we would like to know in advance. Especially with allergies and intolerance to food. We allow ourselves to charge an additional fee for the additional effort.
  5. Dogs can only be brought under certain conditions! Under no circumstances they can sleep in the bedrooms. In respect to the ibex and our chickens, they must be kept on a leash on the approach and during the entire stay in the hut.
  6. Adjustments and cancellations must be communicated to us as soon as possible. Definitely by phone on the day of arrival! After the cancellation deadlines, we will have to charge you a contribution towards expenses. You can find more details in our terms and conditions.
  7. Day visits are of course also possible. On our menu you will find delicious drinks and local specialties.
  8. Self-cooker have to bring their own stoves and pans and usually cook outside.
  9. Winter room is only available out of season. Everything is available for cooking and sleeping. However, there is no electrical energy for light or for charging batteries.

getting there

  1. by public transport, the starting points are easily accessible. From the Grindelwald train station, bus B128 runs every 25 minutes to the Gleckstein junction.
  2. With your own car , the passable road ends at the "Oberer Gletscher" parking area (Hotel Wetterhorn). Warning the ticket machine only accepts coins.
  3. Hut access starts from the Hotel Wetterhorn (3h 30min) or from the Gleckstein junction (2h 45min). The hut trail is one of the most impressive mountain trails. The hike requires very good sure-footedness and is only recommended for people who are not afraid of heights. The path is often narrow, secured with wire ropes at exposed points. However, there are no climbing spots! We recommend roping children under 10 years of age. Difficulty on the SAC alpine hiking scale: T3
  4. Access variants , e.g. from the middle station of the Firstbahn "Bort" (4h), from the Grosse Scheidegg, from the mountain station of the Pfingsteggbahn (4h 15min), there are almost no limits. From point 1593, however, they all lead up to the hut in about 2h 30min along the Isch path.
  5. Access from other huts, that means from above, are all reserved for ambitious alpinists. E.g. from the Gaulihütte, Dossenhütte, Lauteraarhütte or the Schreckhornhütte.
  6. If you are late and only reach the hut after 6:00 p.m., please report this immediately by phone.

With us

  1. slippers You will find in the shoe room directly at the entrance in sufficient numbers and all sizes. So you can also move outside near the hut.
  2. Check in as soon as possible after arrival at the hut with our hut team. For larger groups, the person responsible can do this alone.
  3. Charging batteries is almost always possible thanks to our hydroelectric power station. However, the number of sockets is limited! You have to bring your own chargers.
  4. Mobile reception via the Swisscom mobile network is available in good quality around the hut.
  5. WLAN is available for hut operations, but not for personal smartphones.
  6. Water is probably one of the greatest privileges at the Glecksteinhut. It is available free of charge to all guests directly from the stream. A filter and UV system was installed to achieve drinking water quality. We sell this drinking water at an affordable price.
  7. Washroom, there is only one washroom which can be used mixed for women and men.
  8. Showering, even that is possible! For CHF 5 and comfortably warm.
  9. Toilets, there are two in the house. When there is a lot of rush there is hardly any time to browse through the magazines.
  10. Dinner is served daily at 6:30 p.m. and includes a soup, sometimes salad, main course and dessert. If there is meat, we offer a vegetarian option if you register in advance. We ask for a note when making the reservation.
  11. Night's rest, as in all SAC huts, rest is announced from 10 p.m. If you are calm, you can end the day in the dining room with a nightcap or marvel at the stars outside.
  12. Bedrooms are equipped with duvets and pillows. The use of a silk or linen sleeping bag including a pillow case is mandatory. The bed linen is washed 2-3 times a season. Please fold your duvet properly again in the morning.
  13. Comfort rooms, we can offer with four single beds for an additional charge of CHF 10 per person.
  14. Breakfast we serve between 7 a.m. and 8 a.m. For mountaineers even earlier. For breakfast there is homemade bread with butter and jam, fresh muesli, cheese, coffee, tea and milk drinks.
  15. marching tea we provide in the morning. you can fill a liter into your bottle yourself. If you consume half board, its included. If there is additional need or accommodation without half board, marching tea can also be bought.
  16. Packed lunch or just a sandwich for the following day. You can order before dinner. It will then be ready in the morning.
  17. Luggage storage for material that you do not need on your tour can be left in the wardrobe in the designated baskets.
  18. Tour options with the Glecksteinhut as a starting point are very versatile. E.g. an alpine hike to the Chrinnenhorn (1h 30min). Or the somewhat more demanding circular route over the "Beesi Bärgli" (3h).
    A little further up there are wonderful high-altitude tours to Grindelwald's local mountain, the Wetterhorn (3692m), or the Mittelhorn (3704m), Rosenhorn (3689m), Bärglistock (3655m ) or Klein- (3493m) and Gross Schreckhorn (4078m).
    Or how about traversing through the high mountains to a next hut? About via Rosenegg (3470m) to the Gaulihütte or via the Lauteraarsattel (3125m) to the Lauteraarhütte?
    For more details on all tours, please refer to the SAC tour portal or the SAC tour guide (Hochtouren Berner Alpen, ISBN no . 3-85902-254-7).


  1. Payment is best after dinner, before going to bed. Please present your SAC member cards, membership cards of other Alpine clubs with counter-rights and mountain guide cards without being requested. We accept Swiss Francs, Euros and SAC vouchers. You can also pay with debit and credit cards (Master, Visa, Visa Electron, or Maestro Card). If you pay by cards, we will charge you the 2% commission directly. Payment by invoice can only be made with prior agreement.
  2. Personal waste, we ask you to dispose in the valley. You help us save flights.
  3. Lost items we will send to you by post. We'll charge you for that 20.- plus postage.
  4. Praise and criticism we are happy to recive directly. Best immediately when the shoe presses or later on the phone or by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We wish you a wonderful stay and greet you warmly

Sarah, Christoph, Levi, Mena, Simon and the whole team

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