the yellow

of the egg

half board


6:30 p.m.

early bird's

3 - 4 a.m.


7 - 8 a.m.

Most of our guests book their half-board accommodation. In addition to dinner, this also includes breakfast and a liter of tea for taking away.


Every day at 6:30 p.m., a steaming soup is served first. Followed by a home-style main course and, last but not least, a delicious dessert should never be missing.


We warmly invite all hikers to the breakfast buffet with homemade bread, muesli, alp cheese, coffee, tea, ... between 7 a.m. and 8 a.m.

For summiteers, of course, breakfast is served much earlier.

Here is just a small selection from our range to make something delicious ...

against thirst...

Tasty in the glass

Thirst quencher ... e.g.

  • Spring water 5dl

    4.00 CHF

    filtered from our hut source

  • sweet softdrinks 5dl

    6.00 CHF

    Cola, lemon, elder, ... all with spring water

be careful it comes in... e.g.

  • Beer from the tap 5dl

    6.50 CHF

    Appenzeller Quöllfrisch, unfiltered

  • Cider 5dl

    7.50 CHF

    "Möhl" from Swiss orient, with and without alcohol

Hot & craved

Coffee, tea and company...

  • Tea 1 liter

    6.00 CHF

    with all kinds of tastes

  • coffee

    4.00 CHF

    Black or with milk

Genie in the bottle

something spiritual... e.g.

  • Genepi

    5.50 CHF

    the one from here...

noble drops

Valais sun... e.g.

  • Perle du Rhodan 75cl

    45.00 CHF

    Pinot Noir from Salgesch, Valais

  • Cornalin 75cl

    54.00 CHF

    From one of the oldest Valais grape varieties

  • Petite Arvine 75cl

    45.00 CHF

    the white ancient Valais

In the glass with a whistle... e.g.

  • Glecksteikafi

    8.00 CHF

    Top Secret with ghost & hood

  • coffee with ghost

    6.50 CHF

    with Plums, Plum, herbs or williams

for pleasure...

and finally

öpis fürä Dessertmagä... z.B.

  • Nusstorte

    5.50 CHF

    Walnut cake according to our well-tried recipe

something against hunger first

from the warm kitchen... e.g.

  • Glecksteirösti

    23.00 CHF

    mashed potato with alp cheese, bacon and fried egg

  • Chässchnitte

    16.00 CHF

    Bread slices with melted alp cheese

  • Hüttäsuppä mit Brot

    8.00 CHF

    Soup of the day with homemade bread

wenn's susch scho heiss isch... z.B.

  • Steibockplättli

    17.00 CHF
    Cheese and meat specialties from the region
  • Alpchäs und Brot

    12.00 CHF
    120g alp cheese with homemade bread
  • Birchermüesli

    7.00 CHF
    Muesli with homemade yogurt and fresh fruit

something for taking away

for your way back home... e.g.

  • Lunch package

    11.00 CHF
    Sandwich, fruit & chocolate
  • T-Shirt

    30.00 CHF
    High quality cotton shirt

Learned is learned! And cooking is still really fun. Preferably for guests who like to be surprised and eat what is on the table!

Bon appetit together ...

Christoph, Chuchischef

special wishes?

Lactose or gluten free? Nut, garlic or fennel allergy?

We cook an extensive dinner every evening in our hut kitchen, placing great emphasis on freshness and quality. In addition, it should be tasty and plentiful! A pleasure for everyone!

We like to cook what we like best. And we can do that really well. If you want something different but have just jumped on a chic trend, swallow the bitter pill for ones.

Vegetarian Menu

If meat is on the menu, a vegetarian option is always offered.

With advance notification
free of charge


We cannot completely exclude that traces of the allergens are contained. However, we make every effort to replace individual menu components!

Surcharge based on effort
5.- to 10.- CHF


Unfortunately not available.
"We're sorry, but if there's no other option, just take your food with you!"

our claim...

The way to a man's heart goes through his stomach! We want to take this particularly into account!


Cooking is our passion and we celebrate it with great pleasure. Wherever our modest infrastructure allows, we produce from scratch. Roast hot and slowly simmer.
The bread for breakfast and cakes for in between also all come from the hut oven.

Local products

Our cottage chickens will not be able to produce the entire egg requirement and the curry powder comes from far into our cottage kitchen.

But we won't look far for what is nearby. The personal relationship with the supplier and, if possible, even with the producer are usually a guarantee of quality and therefore a good reason to stay in the region.

SAC Glecksteinhütte

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Hobacher 91a
CH-3814 Gsteigwiler

Hütte:  +41 33 853 11 40
Privat: + 41 33 821 08 54
Mobil:  +41 79 355 12 60

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