between heaven and earth

getting there

Easily accessible by train and bus

with public transport

The Bernese Oberland is perfectly connected to the national and international rail network (SBB). Grindelwald has a dense network of cablecars and local buses.

on your own wheels

With the bike you can even get a bit further beyond the junction "Gleckstein". By car the farest you can get is the parking lot "Oberer Gletscher". There is a large parking area.

Mountain path to the hut

The ascent to the Gleckstein hut is one of the most impressive mountain trails! The hike requires very good fitness and is only recommended for people who are not afraid of heights. The path is often narrow and secured with wire ropes at exposed areas. However, there are no climbing parts! We recommend families with children under the age of 10, to secure them with a rope.

Difficulty on the alpine hiking scale (german only): T3

the mountain trail should never be Accessed in the event of heavy rain fall and thunderstorms!
  • Alternative approaches

  • 3h 30 'from the parking "Oberer Gletscher"

  • 4h from the Firstbahn station "Bort"

Here it really starts!

There are many ways to pamper yourself. Family-friendly, sporty, technically challenging, culinary, ... simply enjoyable!


A paradise for hiking lovers! Spiked with challenges and a lot of opportunities.


The Wetterhorn is definitely one of the most attractive summits. Among many others ...


Various climbing possibilities are set up around the hut. Everyone, from 2b to 6b, will find his own challenge here.

Hike & Fly

A comfortable starting point is right next to the hut!

and of course our ibexes

Natural spectacle from close up...

If you are lucky, there are other guests visiting! No guarantee, but there is a good chance that individuals or even a whole group of ibex approaches to the hut to lick salt from the surrounded stone wall.

A wonderful spectacle that gets under your skin!

Encounter with respect ...

The ibexes in the Gleckstein are wild animals. Although they come very close to us humans, they need there space. They do approach to us and not the other way around!

Dogs on leashes
Behave calmly
No flash fotography
children under supervision


Glecksteinhut Chief Crew Resource

As the youngest member of the family, I enjoy a certain privilege among all of us. That suits me very well and inspires me to very unusual ideas.

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